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Javali causa terror no parque em Berlim

Wild Boar Causes Terror in Berlin Park
Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Three visitors to a suburban Berlin park were attacked and bitten by a wild boar who inexplicably went on a rampage in the heavily wooded park. After a long search for the beast in question, a city marksman finally succeeded in shooting and killing the culprit before another park-goers ran into the wild pig.

The unlikely attacks occurred in a Grunewald area park located in the city’s west end district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. The first sign of trouble happened at 10am Monday morning when a man reported that he had been bitten in the leg while walking through the park. Within an hour, a second call from a 56-year-old woman complained of a similar incident. According to the women’s report, she was attacked and sustained a bite to her hand before she warded the surly pig off with her walking stick.

Responding to the two complaints, the police commissioned a city marksman to hunt and kill the wild boar before another unsuspecting walker ran afoul of the cantankerous beast. Unfortunately, the hunter did not locate the boar before another park visitor, a 32-year-old woman, reported a third attack.

Within minutes of this third attack the city sharpshooter found and eliminated the wild boar, finally putting an end to the pig’s five hour reign of terror.

Police spokesman Burkhardt Opitz confirmed that all three victims were recovering well from their wounds and had already received medical attention. Opitz told reporters late on Monday, “All three of them were able to seek their own medical attention and no one was seriously injured in the attacks.” Opitz also sought to reassure the citizens in the area of the park, confirming that the right pig had indeed been killed.

Investigators have not been able to deduce why the wild boar decided to go on a rampage. While the wooded park has been inhabited by wild boars in the past, this is the first time that any attacks have been reported. An autopsy performed on the pig did discover an old bullet lodged in the pig’s hindquarters, though no other wounds or conditions were confirmed.

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